Blood Moon Rising Preview - Sherman Mortgage

David Hogg

Do landslide decks get you down?  Sherman Mortgage, a new deed from Blood Moon Rising, can help halt the slide.

GenCon’s Sheriff and Marshal events saw some strong slide decks performing well despite players getting wise on how to play against them. Not recognizing a landslide deck early on and allowing them to lay down a few uncontested deeds can cause real trouble as their economy begins to snowball beyond your control.  Even if you deny them production, between winning lowball and their outfit card’s income, you still have to keep up with a deed or two each turn. Getting Sherman Mortgage into play can change all that.

Control Sherman Mortgage, and the slide player’s deeds get more expensive as they play more deeds.  Played early, this deed can really squeeze their deck if you also camp their ghost rock production.  It also provides good production to fund hiring more dudes to keep up the squeeze.  No one likes paying out more than they should, so Sherman Mortgage helps out against any outfit, not just the Morgan and Bandit slides.

With such a strong trait comes a significant cost.  At five ghost rock this deed is among the most expensive to play, and a shootout nerfs the trait for the remainder of the turn.  This might not be a problem against most slide decks, but does limit the trait’s usefulness against other opponents. Sherman Mortgage should make it into quite a few decks as one of the few 7 deeds that has both production and control points. This deed will also host numerous gunfights over its potent ability.