Tales from the Epitaph Guest Preview

Emre Guzelsu

Howdy pardners! Enjoy another taste of what Pine Box Entertainment’s Tales from the Epitaph has in store for y’all.

Grim Servant O Death

Wow...that’s a pretty intricate effect! I wanted to go through it and discuss some interesting ways to use this card.. For starters, let’s go through the “choosing” requirements. The first clause states, “Choose a dude who is not in the shootout, who is at home, and who is controlled by the mark or the player opposing a job.” The first two parts are straight-forward: a dude who is not in the shootout and is sitting at home.

A dude “controlled by the mark” allows for some interesting tactics. If you are the leader (and hunting down some varmints), you can use this to place your opponent in a bind. You can force them to either bring in a dude who they may want to keep out of harm’s way, or buff one of your dudes and punish your opponent if they cheat. This even combos with Full Moon Brotherhood. Hit an opposing dude at home with the outfit, and then hit them with this card! Since they can’t move the dude who was hit by the outfit, you don’t give your opponent the option to move him. Plus you can enjoy your buffed up dude.

Note that the card does not say “opposing” dude like most shootout effects. Why you may ask? Well now, this card can be used defensively as well! Let’s say you control your opponent’s deed with your little weenie sitting on it, and someone challenges you with a good old-fashioned call out! All of a sudden, you’re the mark! For example, your big bad Steve Wiles sits at home booted. You can now can play Grim Servant o’ Death on yourself choosing Steve! Either move him into your posse, or buff up your dude and apply a little Cheatin’ punishment threat to your opponent! This allows you to use the card both offensively and defensively!

Since the card specifies “the player opposing the job,” you can pull the same tactics during jobs as well! While attempting that Election Day Slaughter, feel free to pull in that weenie your opponent wants to keep safe. If you’re defending against that early Kidnappin’, choose your dude chillin’ at home and give your posse a nice buff, while telling your opponent that cheatin’ is going to to hurt this mornin’!