Gomorra Gazette Experienced - Episode 1


The Gazette Returns with New Hosts Chan  and Joe! They join not so new host Andy as they talk to Alex from Pine Box Entertainment about the history of Pine Box, the future, and of course tons of Doomtown: Reloaded. It's a good time - with some great discussion and even a spoiler! So stick around until the end! 


PEG Announces More Doomtown Reloaded!

Gomorra Gazette

Last year rights to the expandable card game set in the Deadlands universe—Doomtown Reloadedreverted back to us after being served long and well by our friends at AEG. Whether you're rootin' for the Law Dogs, the Sloane Gang, the Morgan Cattle Company, or the Fourth Ring, we want you to know that the struggle for dominance in the dusty town of Gomorra will continue. 

Some *Legendary* news: new cards are coming for Doomtown Reloaded!

HEG & GG Present: The Complete Scans of Classic Doomtown

Thom Goodnow

In conjunction with Harrowed Entertainment Group, the Gomorra Gazette is proud to announce that the scans of every single card from classic Deadlands: Doomtown have been finished, and given a permanent home!

Since this will be a resource available for perpetuity, we've added a "Classic" link to our navigation menu above. As the Gazette and HEG undertake other projects in support of classic Doomtown, we'll be using that menu link to give you a dedicated portal for access to all those resources.